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Sissy Training

I want to know every thing about you... from the color of your slutty bra... to the color of your freshly painted to nails... I want to know what youll be doing later.... maybe you might get lucky and find your self a guy! and you can tell me all about him... and how you made him happy. I want you to impress me...

If we are to cam I expect you have  toys ready for slut training, out fits, and lingerie. Do not come un prepaird.

I will call you names such as:

Whore, Slut, Sissy, Skank, Cock Sucker, Fag, Gay, etc..


Financial Domination

 Are you Looking to be owned by a hot young princess? Do you crave to be teased and denied by me? I bet you get off by paying my bills... taking me shoping.... and sending me your hard earned cash...

the more I take- the more excited you get! The greedier I get- the stiffer you become! I'll take your wallet on a ride it will never forget!

 I expect amazon gift cards, venmo tributes, niteflirt tributes, and more!


Foot Fetish

I will tease you with different shoes, socks, stocking, and even bare feet.  


Tease & Denile

I will taunt you with my body. Seductivly teasing you with my lingerie! Worship my perfect tits & ass! You can never have me! Hahaha

I love watching your pathetic little cock get excited for me! Youll be lucky if I let you cum!


Smoking Fetish 

Worship my perfect body wraped in a pvc body suit. My lipstick makes your cock hard, while you watch as I dangle my New Port 100. Every intake of thick smoke, every puff, every second will drive you crazy. 



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